Radikale Venstres valgprogram til Europa-Parlamentsvalget 25. maj 2014

Ansvar for Europa, Ansvar for Danmark. Radikale Venstres valgprogram til Europa-Parlamentsvalget 25. maj 2014 er vedtaget på hovedbestyrelsesmødet 1. februar 2014 Et stærkt EU er i Danmarks interesse, da vi deler skæbne med det øvrige Europa. Går det godt for Europa, går det godt for Danmark. EU giver Danmark en stærkere stemme i verden. Europa […]

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So what can and should we do as European politicians?

In preparation for my campaign as a candidate to the European Parliament, I am attend #30c3  – the international hacker meeting. The Chaos Communication Congress (27th to 30th of December 2013) in Hamburg. On government surveillance, the talks I managed to catch from Jacob Appelbaum, To Protect And Infect, Part 2 The militarization of the Internet, the lecture: Backdoors, Government […]

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TTIP: Cross-cutting disciplines and Institutional provisions

Position paper – Chapter on Regulatory Coherence The TTIP provides a historic opportunity for the EU and the US to substantially enhance regulatory co-operation. Such co-operation should be guided by both Parties’ right to develop and maintain, policies and measures ensuring a high level of environmental, health, safety, consumer and labour protection, fully respecting the right of each […]

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